HHBC Worship Center


  • It is our common values that form the foundation davis design group is built upon.
  • We are committed to the Biblical Principles of honesty, integrity and conviction in dealing with our professional and personal relationships.
  • A healthy work environment should foster professional growth and empowerment and a pursuit of excellence.
  • A healthy work environment should be balanced by personal commitments to GOD and family.
  • We invest ourselves in our clients by growing our knowledge of their business.
  • We foster a “hands on,” collaborative work style, based on partnering with all team members.
  • We believe that architecture should have an enduring quality that not only solves a problem and meets a need, but surpasses the client’s expectations of what is possible.
  • We are committed to total client satisfaction
  • We require total dedication and personal accountability of the entire planning, design and construction team paying attention to all issues from the broadest scope to the smallest of detail.
  • We encourage an atmosphere of innovation and creativity by being receptive and responsive to change.
  • We encourage open and honest communication never de-valuing the opinions and contributions of individual team members.
  • We are committed to an investment in leading edge technology to continually improve the process.
  • The process of design should be fun and should instill a sense of fulfillment and joy as significant works are completed.
Jim’s clear understanding of how God sometimes works has been beneficial and given him an adaptability that we have greatly appreciated.
— J. Michael Hargis