In 1966 John Thomas along with three partners founded Phelps, Spitz, Ammerman and Thomas (PSAT). The firm was located in Oklahoma City focusing its practice in the health care and education market. During the 60’s federal funding was available for the creation of public projects. PSAT designed numerous educational and housing projects for the government and at one time, the firm was distinguished to have the largest amount of federal work under contract in the state.

During the 70’s, Joe Phelps and Fred Spitz left the firm to pursue other ventures while John Butler joined as a new partner to form Ammerman, Butler and Thomas (ABT). The firm continued its pursuit of federal and health care work servicing long term client relationships such as Kiamichi Area Vo-Tech. With this shift in the economic marketplace, ABT made a strategic move to focus their practice towards private development. It was at this time that ABT moved to the growing suburb of Edmond.

During the early 80’s, John Butler left ABT and Ammerman and Thomas was formed. With the dramatic growth in Edmond, Ammerman and Thomas began a long-term partnership with the Edmond Public School District to help in their expansion, renovation and master planning projects. Private development also provided numerous projects in and around the Edmond area.

With the retirement of Harold Ammerman in the late 80’s, John Thomas continued his practice in the Edmond area. Pursuing his passion of religious architecture, John worked with several area congregations, culminating in the construction of the 1,500 seat Auditorium and Classroom Addition for Henderson Hills Baptist Church.

The 90’s usher in a new era: one that is characterized by the retirement of the original founder, John Thomas, the addition of a new president and senior partner, Jim Davis and the integration of the computer into the workplace. These three changes have written ddg’s latest chapter in its successful practice.

Presently located in Edmond, employing 6 architects and 1 administrative assistant, the firm designs and manages approximately $10 million dollars in construction each year, including new buildings, renovations and interior design.

Nearly 50 years after its founding, though the names have changed and markets have evolved, the same founding principals hold true: this firm is committed to service and maintaining long term client relationships.